Project activities

The FAMOS project is organised in four main activities or work packages that aim at various goals to implement the project's benefits.

Apart from the four operative project activities, there is a fifth activity for project coordination, management, communication and outreach.

1: Hydrographic surveying

Large-scale hydrographic surveys in the Baltic Sea to implement the BSHC-HELCOM re-survey scheme for the countries participating in the project.

2: Improving vessel navigation for the future

Various tasks to improve the vertical datum in the Baltic Sea (zero level in the nautical charts) as well as the possibilities for precision satellite navigation at sea (and more).

3: Improving surveying infrastructure

Investments into the technical infrastructure used for hydrographic surveying in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

4: Data workflow from sounding to bridge

Improvements and streamlining the data flow from survey to nautical product, in order to deliver quality up-to-date products to the mariners as quickly and efficiently as possible.